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Why Crystal Clear Childhood

You spend too much time worrying about the future, but it has already happened.

What do you want to know about children? I can help. With my unique gift
for understanding them, I’ve helped many individuals and families over the years.

What can active, happy, and subtle children teach us about our lives? And what is the role of a parent in encouraging this?

The Crystal Clear Childhood idea is to give your children the best chance to be understood, express themselves, and live healthy lives at any age. But
you, parents, are an essential factor in this journey.

So you must be an integral part of the process, which often starts by looking at yourself. Happy you – happy family.

As you lead by example, we enable you to be the guarding rails on your child’s journey of discovering the world around them.

This journey is more than just a series of steps. It’s also about who you are as an individual and what you stand for.

Our Team

Meet the team behind Crystal Clear Childhood. We are a group of professionals who have experienced not being understood and thus left
outside. We share a passion for mindfulness, health, wellness, and education.

Jennifer Sievers


Hi, I am Jennifer, and I have a unique gift for understanding children.



I visited Jennifer to have "Emotional Blockages" released in my body... My physical symptoms were: chest tightness, sore throat, head heaviness... lack of energy... fatigue... feeling occupied by foreign energies. During Jennifer's treatment, a soothing, warm feeling flowed through the entire body. Deep relaxation and inner peace are clearly noticeable, felt during the treatment the body is back in the "flow". Through Jennifer`s energetic treatments, the physical symptoms have clearly & noticeably improved and things on the outside have noticeably changed for the better. I would really recommend Jennifer to anyone, she carries so much love & positive energy in her and can very quickly grasp an overall situation & dissolve blockages perfectly.


Jennifer's treatment is something you have to experience and cannot describe. I am rather critical of alternative methods and was incredibly impressed, how much can move in the body without touch. The flow of energy can be felt without touch; warmth - a pleasant tingling sensation, Healing and emotion flow through me during the treatment and accompanies me for days and weeks afterward.Thank you, Jennifer, for your empathy and this gift!


My stallion Matthei was traumatized after a severe accident. For two years, he followed me like a lap dog. One day after Jennifer's treatment, he did not greet me anymore but waited for me to come to him. Even though this was unusual for me, I am happy and grateful that he is again the proud stallion he was before his accident.


For a long time, my 10-year-old son had problems with his skin. When we came to Jennifer, we had already tried many therapies. It turned out that Jojo perceives differently, and since this kind of perception is not taught in school, he does not know how to deal with it. Jennifer showed him compassionately how Jojo himself and our family can better deal with his sensitivity. You always meet people for a reason, and we are grateful that we found Jennifer.


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